The exceptional Acura TLX PMC

From any point of view, the Acura TLX PMC could be considered a supercar. Like its big sister, the NSX, the TLX PMC is one of the few models to be built by hand in the Acura Performance Manufacturing Center.

The shiny red vehicle is powered by a 3.5 L V6 direct injection i-VTEC engine that can produce 290 horsepower. This high-performance sport sedan can’t help but make an impression with its precision all-wheel drive system, which offers incomparable traction and maneuverability.

The pampered Acura TLX PMC

Built by hand, the car features the exclusive Valencia Red Pearl paint color previously reserved for the NSX. It’s a premium-quality finish that achieves breathtaking results. Every Acura TLX PMC is hand-painted using Nano pigment technology, which produces an extremely saturated high-contrast color of incomparable luster. The whole process can take up to five days.

Once the paint job is completed, the qualified technicians begin assembling the TLX PMC by hand. They start with the components of the drivetrain and chassis, the wiring harnesses and the electronics.

The masterpiece that is the Acura TLX PMC

The Acura TLX PMC is equally dazzling inside and out. The first things that will grab your attention are the 19-inch wheels, the 4-inch dark chrome dual exhaust pipes and the matching accessories featuring the same exclusive Valencia Red Pearl paint color as the body.

Meanwhile, on the inside, you’ll find black Milano leather seats harmonizing with the black A-SPEC steering wheel with its perforated leather trim. The high-performance look is completed by the metallic-finish paddle shifters.

Come experience all the sensations that this supercar, the Acura TLX PMC, can stir up in you.