A new generation for the Acura Type S

After a decade of making fans of these performance-focused vehicles wait (im)patiently, the Acura Type S is finally back.

The team that went to work on reintroducing the Acura Type S is banking on precision performance. They set their sights on the position and the proportions. The result is a structure featuring a lower position and a wider wheelbase and a powerful, expressive silhouette that’s clean and coherent.

A brave new face for the Acura Type S

The diamond pentagon grille is set off by air intakes that can provide the necessary flow for the high-performance engine and brakes. The large openings are situated in the center and on the sides, adjoining the powerful, translucent LED headlights that also serve as cornering lights and turn signals.

The clean, distinctive look of the rear end of the Acura Type S is finished off with a forged carbon spoiler and tail lights that widely disperse the four outlets of the exhaust system.

As for the profile, one can’t help but admire the sleek, curved, sensuous lines of the Acura Type S. And we can’t say enough about the 21-inch wheels that admirably complete the look.

Custom paint for the Acura Type S

Double Apex Blue Pearl—a custom paint job that doesn’t require months of waiting—reflects a liquid, electric tint that pays homage to the blues of the legacy Type S models, including the renowned 2007 and 2008 Acura TL Type S. Double Apex Blue Pearl utilizes two Nano-pigments infused with layers of transparent color that give a sensation of fluidity and movement. This improves the luster and brilliance of the paint, capping off the incredible appearance of this highly anticipated vehicle.