Beautiful, classy and powerful, the Acura Precision is one car that’s sure to turn heads. And its engine will definitely rock your world.

This extraordinary vehicle was designed to offer unrivaled performance, with a powerful drivetrain aerated by a stylized, open grille. Fortunately, the large rims, outfitted with oversize 22-inch tires, have no problem holding the road, guaranteeing you all the security you need behind the wheel.

The aerodynamic body is precision-engineered, ensuring that the vehicle lives up to its name.

A superb car by any measure

While the performance of the Acura Precision will take your breath away, its modern looks have supercar written all over them. The athletic proportions and chiseled lines give off an air of seduction. The elongated distance between the center of the front axle and the base of the windshield is sure to captivate and arouse the envy of everyone who watches you whizz by in your Acura Precision.

With reverse-opening rear doors, deeply sculpted lines, a stitched leather interior and exotic wood audio speaker grilles, every detail has been conceived to enhance the impression of luxury and prestigious styling. The exterior surfaces, which are the perfect foil to the cantilevered interior, evoke a precise, futuristic look that’s sure to inspire daydreams in more than one observer.

Well-equipped and safe

The cabin, more reminiscent of a cockpit, features an ergonomic design and touch-pad interface at the very cutting edge of technology.

The dash, focused on autonomy, electrification and connectivity, is a harbinger of the future in Acura vehicle manufacturing.

You’ll have no regrets when you purchase or lease this modern vehicle, a synthesis of the brightest and best advances in the industry. A dream car crafted with dreamlike precision.