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Tires are a vehicle component that is often overlooked. However, they’re the only thing that connects you to the road. That’s why the Parts Department team at Gatineau Acura is trained to recommend the ideal tires for your Acura, depending on the season, the way you use your vehicle, and your financial situation. Contact us today to learn more about the prices and the available options for your vehicle.

Extend the life of your tires with Gatineau Acura

Gatineau Acura has a few tips to help you prolong the life of your tires. First, make sure that your tires are inflated to the pressure level recommended by Acura. A tire that’s overinflated or underinflated wears prematurely and unevenly because only part of the tire makes contact with the road. What’s more, if one of your four tires isn’t properly inflated, it can cause problems with the way your vehicle handles. It’s easy to check your tire pressure at home using a pressure gauge, or you can stop by the Gatineau Acura dealership and have it checked by a technician. Ask one of our Service Department team members how to check your tire pressure and what the recommended pressure is for your Acura.

Second, having your vehicle’s wheels properly aligned helps prevent uneven wear on your tires. Potholes and rough pavement are the main reasons why you need to have your wheels aligned on a yearly basis. When there’s uneven wear on your tires as a result of misalignment, you may end up having to replace them early, even when the tread depth is still good. Ask one of our technical consultants at Gatineau Acura if your vehicle is due for an alignment.

Third, having your tires balanced will also prevent premature wear on your tires, while ensuring a smooth, easy ride. Tire balancing is done during the seasonal tire change. Your technician uses small weights to balance each wheel so that it spins without wobbling or hopping. This prevents you from feeling a strong vibration when traveling at high speeds and ensures that your tires have optimal traction.

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